I was tagged by @equestrienne-love
1. What are some goofy things your horses do?
Faye will nod her head to answer a question sometimes. She cute.

2. What is the weirdest thing your horse or a horse you know has been afraid of?
Faye got scared of her tail wrap one time.

3. What do you want to do with your riding? Do you want to make it a career? Do you ever plan on stopping? Do you just want to ride for fun?
I want to improve my riding to the best that is humanly possible, I defiantly plan on making horse my career by opening my own equestrian center. I stop when I die then I’ll ride horses in Heaven. All riding is fun.

4. Favorite breed of horse?

5. Tallest horse I’ve ridden?
Probably 17 or 18hh

6. Shortest horse I’ve known?
A mini horse named Pirate!

7. One quality you can’t live without in a horse?
I need a horse who loves attention, and is friendly, and enjoys life.

8. Riders you look up to?
Good ones.

9. Dream horse?
Any horse.

10. What tumblr horse would you want to ride/meet?
I really don’t know. Haha

Sorry it was late!